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iOS and Android apps for entertainment, news, internal communication, medical practice and sports

Mobile apps to allow anyone be a journalist and earn money for their digital content sent to 112 TV channel. Applauses received by Reuters and other information agencies

  • Dec 2014 - Now
  • 8 people team
  • Kiev, Ukraine

App for medical students and doctors to easily navigate thousands of tender points during their therapeutic sessions. Muscular, skeletal and nervous layers are toggled and transparency added for better visualization of inner points to treat

  • Dec 2015 - Now
  • 10 people team
  • Portland, OR

Mobile app to on-the-go purchase of flash sale deals in music, games and comics. Notifications on hot deals and chatting with peers makes app handy for special content with limited availability

  • Jun 2012 - Dec 2012
  • 6 people team
  • Portland, OR

Digital content of Top 3 National TV News channel delivered to iOS and Android mobile devices. News, live streaming and special zero cost data traffic for some mobile operators

  • Apr 2016 - Dec 2016
  • 7 people team
  • Kiev, Ukraine

Pure innovation in tennis training: 3D animations with 360' look, slow motion controls and stress point highlights of all major moves, custom made video content and text illustrations to assist

  • May 2015 - Jun 2016
  • 8 people team
  • Moscow, Russia