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IoT and Wearables

Technical design and manufacture of printed circuit boards (PCB) for multichannel game experience tracking, defining form-factor and supported 3d-printing, full scope of software support - our debut product for tennis players which has no competitors on the market yet

Project goal: set of 3 wearable coin-sized Bluetooth4-interconnected trackers designed to be sticked to tennis racket, tennis shorts and shoulder to precisely track moves that player makes, cut data noise, and build up animation of player's game session. In-game analysis and recommendations made to bluetooth headsets to correct kicks, angles, balance.

Re-Mondes has designed architecture of software and hardware in line with project goals. Printed Circuit Board was designed to be printed at Chinese factory to pilot test mass-production, components according to custom made specifications and BOM were bulk-ordered and built into 10 first PCBs. Preliminary analysis of form-factor was made on 3D model of PCB.

Plastic forms for trackers have been designed and 3D printed at Re-Mondes local facility.

The outcoming log file successfully grabs data from 3 devices. Re-Mondes has been using a motion captured play of professional tennis player that was wrapped to 3D animations for our iOS app available on iTunes.

With the source data received from every player and set of 3 trackers sticked to him/her, Re-Mondes is capable to build 3D animation based on patterns of professional play registered with Motion Capture, and provide automatically generated comments on deviations in core aspects (Speed, Racket angle when kick is made, Balance of body) comparing project player's and pre-saved professional player's moves. 

Project has been paused at this stage due to deferred investor communications. 

  • Sep 2015 - Now
  • 12 people team
  • Moscow, Russia